Regular students:

When you join the program you receive an email from the Program office with your enrollment number. After that, you must register on the www.capg.ufsc.br website, where you will have access to the online enrollment, registration certificate printing and academic transcript.

The regular students’ enrollment is available only through the online system, within the academic calendar deadlines. It is not necessary to print the application proof nor to provide any other documents to the Program office.

Regular students who intend to take courses in another UFSC Graduate Program:

You need to make a request by email providing the following: 1) the authorization of the course professor, 2) the course name and code, 3) the enrollment period at the intended program.

Students from other graduate programs:

You must follow the specific dates in the PPGICH academic calendar. With the authorization of the course professor, you need to apply for enrollment in your own program. The PPGICH office cannot enroll students from other graduate programs at UFSC, even if the course is being offered by PPGICH.

Single course enrollment:

This type of enrollment is open to master’s and graduate students from other universities (stricto sensu). All courses offered in the semester are displayed on the PPGICH website. If you are interested in enrolling in one of the courses, you need to contact directly the course professor before the enrollment deadline. If he or she allows your enrollment, you need to send an email to the PPGICH office, during the enrollment period, with the following documents: single course enrollment form filled up, passport or ID card and CPF, and a copy of your Master’s diploma – or, if you are still a Master’s student, the proof of enrollment at your Master’s program.

The professor’s authorization may be the signature on the form (scanned) or even an authorization email forwarded to the office.

If there are places available on the course, you will be enrolled and after the enrollment deadline you will receive a confirmation email.